Tutorial - Setting up lights for Vray render in SketchUp

As I'm getting so many DMs on my Instagram page asking about the Vray render setup for Sketchup I've decided to share a few tips for interior designers (note that it's not for visualizers as that would require a more photorealistic approach and higher quality). I have shared previously on my Instagram Vray render settings for a quick medium quality 3D render (you can find it in my highlights) so in this post I will cover only the light settings. 

So this is what the whole scene looks like. It's lit mostly by the Vray Sun. In case you have an elongated room you can add Vray IES to lighten up areas farther away from the windows.

You need to adjust sun directly in SketchUp - Default Tray - Shadows. Also if your model is not Geo-located you can use extension Solar North (free in SketchUp Extension Warehouse) to change the direction of light coming through the windows. In Vray SunLight settings increasing "Size Multiplier" will make more soft line of direct light. 

Use Rectangle Light for cove lighting. Adjust color temperature depending on LED you're planning to use 2700K- 4000K. Also in "Options" you can make the "Rectangle Light" invisible but since it's already gonna be hidden behind the ceiling drop it's not necessary.

Use Mesh Light for bulbs. Select bulb component or group and apply to it Vray Mesh light. Adjust color temperature depending on type of the bulb 2700K- 3500K. 

And for the LED light on the shelves usually is enough to apply just an emissive material. You can find them in Vray Material Galery or create your own.

That's it! Should be simple as that. Let me know if you liked it and share your results with me. Happy rendering!

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