• Ola Kataievska

E-Design or In-Person Interior Design Project

When it comes to interior design project there are still options for you to choose from. So many interior designers and interior design studios are offering e-design services now, especially after Covid-19 had blocked us within our four walls for months. But that's not the only reason why e-design services getting more popularity - factors like price, location of your preferred interior designer, deliverables included in the package etc play a huge role in it!

What is the client's role in the e-design or In-person design project?

While In-person interior design type of a project is definitely a luxurious experience which starts with you being "interviewed" as to your wishes, preferences and budget, then you're presented with floor plan options, material options are all delivered to you to choose from, photorealistic renderings to swipe through and you arrive to your home after everything's installed, cleaned, decorated and styled looking like from a cover of a magazine. E-design will offer you the same presentation steps just online - floor plans and photorealistic renderings will be sent to you via email, photos of materials will be sent as well (also your can order the real swatches to be sent to your address, those are really inexpensive), by the end of the design project you will receive full set of drawings for the contractor and quotations (shopping list with all the links and addresses where to purchase all the items).

Consider your time when choosing online interior design

These days everything and anything can be ordered online but there are a few points you should think about that will cost you your time:

  • Ordering online dozens of items from different websites (yes, this is the least of all evil)

  • Arranging the delivery - these are not the items to leave on your porch

  • Installment day - that's only for a small projects it's a one day event

It is easier than it sounds!

E-design presents you with the opportunity to work with any interior designer in the world whoevers portfolio you like the most and not spend a fortune on hourly design fees!

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