Layout Options for Homebuyers

What is included:

  • 3 layout options with furniture placement

  • 2 runs of edits

  • Mood boards for the final option

Price $250 + VAT

Are you in search of a perfect home? Too many options on the market and you're not sure which layout can accommodate all the items on your must-have list and preferably a wish-list as well? Then this design service is for you - there's nothing better than having a professional consultation before the purchase!

The Process - E-design (all communication via Zoom meetings and emails)

   Phase 1 - Onboarding

This is where I get to know you/your project through the discussion, design questionnaire that you will have to fill in and through a few images selected by you of the interiors you like. It requires a bit of work on your side but the more work you will put upfront, the smoother the rest of the project will go.

   Phase 2 - Design

Now it's time to create a vision for your future home. This option is for the homebuyers who need help choosing right house or apartment for their style of living, who need help visualizing their life in a new home, what layout you will be able to achieve in this house, are all your must-haves gonna fit in this apartment or should you choose another listing? To make sure you're buying the most suitable apartment for your lifestyle we're gonna work through 2-3 apartments that you've chosen to try to transform that space into your dream home and at the end of the process you will be sure which apartment has the most to offer for your needs. We start with 3 layout and furniture placement options, we discuss pros and cons of each, rework and create the final one.

   Phase 3 - Mood boards

Once the layout has been approved I prepare mood boards to help visualize finishes, colors, materials, furniture, sanitaryware, lighting, decorative items.

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