Interior Decorating

What is included:

  • 3 options for furniture placement

  • 3D Collages

  • Shopping list/Quotations

 Price $ 300 + VAT

per room via e-design

Price $ 600 + VAT

per room via in-person full-service design

Thinking about decorating your house or rental but hard to imagine how all the items will work together? 3D collages will help you to visualize the whole space together - wall paint, floors, furniture, decor - all that's left is to place an order from the shopping list.

The Process - E-design (all communication via Zoom meetings and emails)

   Phase 1 - Onboarding

This is where I get to know you/your project through the discussion, design questionnaire that you will have to fill in and through a few images selected by you of the interiors you like. It requires a bit of work on your side but the more work you will put upfront, the smoother the rest of the project will go.

   Phase 2 - Design

Now it's time to create a vision for your future home. And we start with 3 furniture placement options, we discuss the pros and cons of each, rework and create the final one. I source products, make selections, collect samples, create beautiful and easy to understand presentations via 3D collages.

   Phase 3 - Specifications

Once collages have been approved I prepare specification/shopping list of all decorative finishes, furniture, sanitaryware, lighting, decorative items.

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