Contemporary House, Melbourne, VIC

Australia - Melbourne-apartment-edesign

Type of the project: Interior design in a new-build 

Type of property: Single-family detached house

Size: 1847sqft, 2 bedrooms, 2,5 bathrooms

Style: Contemporary

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Year of completion: 2020

Service package: Premium Interior Design with 3D Renderings

This project covers two areas of a new-build - Kitchen / Living room and Master Bathroom. Working with newly built houses is very easy - rooms are of an up-to-date size and location within the building - the only thing is left is to make it more personal for the family that is going to live there because even one style ten people will end up with ten different looking rooms. But even if you go to the showroom and choose all the materials you like the work doesn't stop there - this is where renderings come in handy - seeing a small sample of the material and the whole wall clad in it might have a totally different look, not to mention all the elements behind the surface that actually bring you comfort like sufficient amount of sockets in all the right places, modern hardware, ingenious storage solutions, etc

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